First things first. This is a weblog primarily for my own use. I would however talk about different software and my experiences with them. I worked as an IT Administrator in a school for 6 years. I have a long list of programs and tricks that can help anyone in the same position. It does not however have to be limited to IT administrators at schools. My IT experience might also be useful for other admins or technicians or even everyday computer users. I have used Microsoft’s operating systems since DOS 3 however I am not very fond of Microsoft or Bill Gates. I have also used Linux since RedHat 5.1 but then again I am not very fond of Linus Torvalds either !

Here I will share with the world my tips and techniques in troubleshooting computer hardware and software. In my field, those who are good in what they do have mostly been self taught. I do not claim to be the best in what I do, or even to be good. However I do claim that I have been using computers for a long time and I have a few ideas that may be new to you and could help you achieve your goal faster, easier or more efficiently.

During the years, as I developed my skills and gained experience I have changed my tactics a few times. During the past 9 years there have been only a handful of people leading me into what was next and what I should develop myself to. Alain the french guy in Cyprus, my father, my  MCSE course teacher Mr. Arman and my ex MTN boss Oluyomi Alarape. These people have helped me enormously by showing me the right path regarding IT.

Amir Banuazizi

Jönköping, Sweden