I’ve been offering socks5 proxy service through a program called FreeProxy to offer my friends to bypass filtering in their suppressive countries or to enable them to use Spotify from countries where the service isn’t available. Unfortunately, as for most free services, my site which I have not advertised anywhere has been misused by spammers trying to generate traffic and therefore achieve higher ranking in google’s engine. I had a look at the 500 MB log ! and I had about 300 requests per minute. Unfortunately the program offers no description as to how I could ban certain IP’s or IP subnets. I can only ban requested sites and there are hundreds of them.

Why wouldn’t I just use username and password you might ask. Unfortunately when I put username and password on the proxy server, it just stops working. FreeProxy is a good software, but its limited and outdated (latest version is from 2005). Anyone suggest anything ? I need an http/https proxy server software to run on Windows Server and easy to manage.