Installed Windows 7 Professional (MSDN) on my laptop. Since it was an upgrade from Windows XP, I had the wonderful job of hunting down not only Windows Vista drivers, but also making sure they would work with Windows 7 which  was not always the case. Windows 7 found and installed most of my drivers by itself, except for a few of those “unknown device”s in device manager. Those are a sore to remove because you don’t know where to look for. Another problem was that my HP/Compaq nc6320 has a finger print reader but Windows 7’s own finger print program would crash whenever I would swipe my finger on the reader… trying to “update” the program online wouldn’t help either since the whole thing is so new.

So gradually I installed all those drivers and updates. Latest version of Intel 945 Graphic driver is now installed but it didn’t help push the system rating higher, currently at 3.1 one may wonder what the graphics driver updates do, if they do not help with the performance. Although it’s a release candidate driver and hopefully in a few months time when Intel releases WDDM v1.1 it will use less system RAM to do normal windows tasks :  How Windows 7 handles video memory

Texas Instruments Media Card Vista Driver installed and helped me remove 3 or 4 of those annoying PCI devices with exclamation marks.  I then proceeded to install Authentec Fingerprint Driver and its update, hoping to get that Windows 7 Finger Print program to work (unsuccessfully). Then I had this ACPI thing in device manager and it just wouldn’t go away. In the end, after a bit of online search I found that in fact “HP Quick Launch Buttons” had to be installed for ACPI Drivers ! go figure how that’s related !

After about a week of “finger print readerlessness”, I got fed up and searched high and low until I found this: Protector Suite 2009 which sounds more like an Antivirus ! And now I am a proud owner of a Laptop “Designed for Windows XP” which happily runs Windows 7 and had all drivers working.

Next post, I’ll add some Windows 7 specific programs I found.