Why is it that Microsoft has decided all the new DirectX 9’s are going to be called DirectX 9.0c ? Why not 9.0d, 9.0e ? Why not 9.1, 9.2 ? Why is it that everytime they release a new DirectX, they call it the same, but the file gets larger and larger and there are different releases, for example march 2009 release, august 2009 release … ?

Why is it that there are many Windows XP Service Pack 2 versions out there, but they are all called ServicePack 2 ? Why does Microsoft not call them 2.0a, 2.0b and so on, so you know that you are using the latest version or you need to upgrade ? I didn’t know this until one day when I was working in an office and some of the computers with the same hardware had difficulty with a few programs. It wasn’t until I realised there were at least 3 versions of Service Pack 2 installed and 2 versions did not work properly.

Why is it that Microsoft releases new software with the same name ? Is it that they are ashamed of the fact that it took a few retries to get the  service pack or direct x right ? I wonder if it’s the same with their Windows XP and Vista… like you have Windows XP Pro but your version is different from another person’t Windows XP Pro. Thank you Microsoft for the confusion.