One of the perks of studying in my University as Business and IT management is that we can download all Microsoft’s modern OS’s with valid serial numbers. Certainly beats having to track cracks for Windows 2008 and such if you just want to try it out.

Since we have Windows 7 Professional, I was wondering what I was missing from Ultimate. Except for Bitlocker which I cannot care more about, there’s the 35 or so MUI language packs. So I installed Ultimate on a test computer and got the Dutch and Swedish language packs installed…. pretty good. It looks like the whole windows is Swedish or Dutch, it transforms everything into those languages. The nice thing about it was that you could create 3 users which would have different language installed for each ! You just log in and use a different language 🙂

It’s a pitty that one must get the Ultimate version of Windows 7 just to use some language packs. Nowadays you can download most programs’ language packs and install them, without paying anything or much trouble.

Microsoft however wants to charge for everything. A bit unfair in my opinion. So I set out to find if it was possible to download those language packs (which are only available on Windows Update in Windows 7 Ultimate) and trick Windows 7 Professional into installing them.

Yes, it’s possible:


Supports all versions of Vista (RTM, SP1, SP2) and Win7 (RTM at the moment) and both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Here, you can even find LIP (Language Interface Packs) in even more languages for Vista, 55 of them ! LIPs convert Windows Vista partially (about 80%) and require English MUI to be installed.

Happy installing