Rapidshare is being difficult now.

The most famous file-hosting website has the infamous “Currently a lot of users are downloading files” message everytime I visit it. No matter what time of the day, which day of the week. Either they have suddenly become very popular, or they are trying out a new strategy to push users to pay for their service. Either way, I don’t think this is going to make help them reach their goal. With the emergence of other file-sharing sites which are better, faster and some even without ads (www.4shared.com for example offers 10 GB space with 350+ kbps download speeds) they need to offer beter and more competitive service than “currently a lot of users are downloading files”.

For those of you who like me have no option but to download files from Rapidshare, you can use this wonderful little utility Rapidshare-Auto-Downloader which lets you add multiple links and downloads them in the background. It works pretty well especially if you leave your computer on for several hours per day.